July 23, 2015 MBI
July 23, 2015

Anthony Rinard, AFEX Pilot Plant Operations

Tony was brought onto MBI’s team to assist in the operations of the AFEX project. Since then, he has branched out to take on duties with downstream processing for fee-for-service work, within the Pilot Plant, as well as implementing and maintaining MBI’s digital document control system. His duties intersect MBI’s various groups, integrating administration, development, and production.

A life-long Michigan resident, Tony was raised in the farming community of Ithaca and has lived in the Lansing area throughout his adult life. Along with extensive work experience in building construction and maintenance, he has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Civil Engineering Technology, from Lansing Community College. He was drawn to MBI by the opportunity to work with world-changing technologies, such as AFEX.

MBI’s focus on adaptability, safety, and quality are exemplified by Tony’s broad range of talents, skills, and training as well as an engineering-based attention to detail. He is a critical component in MBI’s continuing, flexible, derisking process.