July 7, 2015 MBI
July 7, 2015

Farzaneh Teymouri, AFEX Project Manager

Farzaneh is a Senior Scientist with over 10 years of leadership experience in bioconversion of cellulosics biomass, which adds value to products such as sustainable fuels, specialty chemicals, and materials. As project leader in biomass processing, she has developed broad and deep expertise in both scientific and engineering aspects of biomass pretreatment, enzyme processing, and downstream fermentation steps. She is actively involved in developing and scaling up the biomass pretreatment processes.

Previously, Farzaneh was a Postdoctoral Research Associate with Prof. Bruce Dale at Michigan State University (MSU) focusing on numerous scientific factors underpinning the development of AFEX process for treatment of biomass.

Farzaneh received her Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University. Her PhD work was part of the Consortium for Applied Fundamentals and Innovation (CAFI)’s biomass utilization study.